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Karlzars Goose Farm

The Karlzars Goose Farm is one of the most important Parts of the community.

For hundreds of years the people of Karlzars have enjoyed duvets, mattresses, pillows and cerimonial robes made of goose down. Karlzars is the only known habitat of the rare and highly-prized "Weerzmisox" goose whose feathers are used to make exclusive feather boa supplies for bands such as Rage Against the Machine. Exclusive to geese, the farm also plays host to many important goose-related industry events. A visitors’ centre is under construction using funds from last years ‘guess the name of the goose’ contest and is due to open in 2023.

The Goose Farm is also the hunting ground of the Legandary Headless cat of Karlzars who also prowls the moors on the far side of the forests near the border with neighbouring Avekerrosmythe. The headless cat has been seen by most residents of Nodsnose and even into the outskirts of Masqu.
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