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Karlzars Key Museum

Located Less than two miles from the centre of Nodsnose, The Karlzars Key museum is THE place to learn about keys - old and new!

The Karlzars Key Museum was founded in 1832 by Sir Jelly Ritchtea to celebrate the fact he'd been given over 300 keys as part of his Nickwitchell Banquet. Over the years, the key museum has grown to house over 3 thousand individual keys (and 37 not quite individual ones. These are kept in a valt beneath the museum and are only avadable for veiwing during the festival of Rocktober.)
Some keys of interest include the mysterious "Half Key Of Karlzars" which locals say will awake the beast of Karlzarz if it's ever reunited with the missing half and the legandary "Really Big Key" which is said to be larger than any other key in Karlzars!

The Key Museum Giftshop is open daily for souveneers of your visit, including chocolate keys, keyrings, key-shirts (oh that Karlzars humor!) and many novelty key-shaped items!
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